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Amazing YouTube Teachers for Every Yoga Level - 5 of My Favourites

A picture of Lizzie's back in a side stretch with the YouTube logo over the top.

We all know yoga has swept the world. YouTube yoga has made the practice even more accessible - with just a couple of clicks, we have access to some amazing teachers across the world, with a breadth of yoga styles.

Below, I've rounded up a selection of my favourite online teachers that I've used regularly, many of whom have options for everyone from beginners to 'advanced' yogis. Read on to be inspired - and maybe give their channels a go!

Yoga with Adrienne

Let's get this one out of the way - arguably the queen of YouTube yoga, Adrienne has risen to stardom for good reason. Her hundreds of videos have something for everyone, and her calming and encouraging teaching style make her classes accessible, fluid, challenging and peaceful all at once.

Adrienne is a great starting point for any yogi, and I often revisit her channel for a place of serenity and safe practice. She also has multiple 30 day series that are great if you're looking to form healthy habits and find some structure to your yoga journey.

Arianna Elizabeth

A newer discovery for me, Arianna has great fully-rounded flows that leave the body feeling supple and strong. I especially appreciate that many of her videos have multiple options of modifications for poses, making them adaptable for different levels, and some are explicitly marked as intermediate, giving an extra challenge to those looking for it.

Many of her classes are creative in their approach, focusing on transitions, growth, or specific moods you might be experiencing. I'm really excited to explore this channel more, and the bonus of fun dance workouts is also a plus!

Breathe and Flow

When I'm looking for a challenge and a unique approach, I always look to Breathe and Flow. With a diverse range of options, from yoga for athletes to morning rituals, I find this channel particularly inspiring when I'm stuck in a yoga rut (it happens!).

I find the emphasis on warming up the joints for a safe practice really positive in these videos, and always feel ready for the more challenging postures that follow. The inclusion of meditation and pranayama in many of the classes also makes for a holistic experience, incorporating many elements that add up to a full body and mind practice.


Yograja has a tonne of very advanced videos, including some rather impressive backbend practices, which are great if you are confident and looking to go to the next level. But in amongst these are some wonderful all-level and beginner level classes that are often very accessible, have the utmost respect for the body and the breath, and are led with comprehensive cues and pranayama.

You can get lost exploring all the content in this channel, appreciating some of the beautiful practitioners and enjoying Hatha and Vinyasa yoga from the comfort of your own home. I really appreciate the blend of "Indian traditional yoga practice and modern approach" that this channel offers, and often find myself coming back to it to see what's new.

Black Yogi Nico Marie

Nico Marie is a great teacher to go to for chakra focused flows that open up our energy centres and align the chakras, finding a moment to recentre. Exploring these YouTube classes is wonderful if you are intrigued by the chakras, are seeking some fresh yogic knowledge or are looking for a different point of focus in your practice.

There are also a plethora of options corresponding to the moon cycle, parts of the body, particular poses and some 30 day challenges to build your practice. I highly recommend giving these a go, especially if you resonate with Nico's mission to "create a space for my community to receive the health & healing benefits of yoga".

Rounding Up

There a thousands more YouTube channels to peruse during your home practice - part of the fun is to sample different classes and find what works for you! If you try out any of the channels I mentioned do let me know, and I'm all ears for your recommendations.

*As always, make sure to practice safely and do what feels good for you during your yoga practice. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.*

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