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7 Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Ahead of the festive season, I've put together some lovely gift ideas for the yogis in your life. Don't celebrate Christmas? These will be just as good for any other gift-giving occasions, and I've endeavoured to find things that are ethically sourced and don't break the budget.

Personalised Yoga Bag

A friend of mine bought me one of these with my initials, and I use it all the time. A great way to carry your mat and take your water, towel, and whatever else you need for class all in one bag. With multiple colour choices and handmade by a small business, what's not to like!

Eye Pillow & Candle Relaxtion Set

A gorgeous eye pillow and scented candle combination to encorporate into your yoga practice. Covering the eyes with gentle pressure and inhaling a soothing scent can elevate your yogi friend's Savasana. Made with organic materials and with 100% biodegradable packaging, this gift would make a very happy yogi.

Half Moon Meditation Cushion

I love a meditation cushion to sit straight more comfortably, and this one boasts a beautiful design and organic buckwheat filling. Handmade in the UK from fabric hand block printed in Jaipur, I love this company's stance on ethically collaborating with artisans in India to create their products.

Meditation Blanket

This 100% cotton blanket is perfect for restorative yoga and meditation to get warm and cosy, and can also be rolled up to use as a prop or bolster. Purchasing this blanket also contributes to Helping Hands for India, a charity organisation that provides free

education to children in rural India.

Sustainable Palo Santo Sticks

Meaning 'holy wood' in spanish, palo santo has a calming scent that sooths the mind and has been used for centuries for medicinal, purifying and cleansing purposes. I use it during my classes, and love that these ones are organic and ethically sourced and arrive plastic free.

The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami

Got a bookish yogi in your life? I recommend this book all the time. A memoir from spiritual leader Radhantath Swami, we follow his journey from Chicago to India, disovering mystic traditions and journeying to self-realisation. An epic adventure and an inspiring tale.

Give the Gift of Yoga

Check out your local studio or teacher and gift a workshop, private class or gift card. What better way to give the gift of yoga? Don't hesitate to reach out to create a bespoke gift for someone in your life - whether it be a tailored individual class or a pack of group classes.


I hope you enjoy the festive season, whether you're gift-giving or not, and remember to take some time to yourself to find stillness amidst all the business of this time. Happy holidays!

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