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Lizzie in a twisted lunge position, with her hands together in prayer position.


About Section
Lizzie a studio with wooden floors and walls in a low lunge position, with her left arm reaching up to the sky and right arm on the floor.


Welcome to Lizzie Wright Yoga, where I offer group and private classes to yogis of all levels. My classes specialise in Hatha and Vinyasa with pranayama, meditation, deep relaxation and adjustments for those who enjoy them. My mission is to provide a calm and safe space where students can rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.

Lizzie in a cross-legged seated position on a grey mat, palms uptunred on her lap and eyes closed in meditation.


My group classes invite yogis to surrender to the moment and go inside for a truly enriching experience. Incorporating movement, breath, meditation and yogic principles. I endeavour to create a safe, calm and judgement-free space for students of all levels.


I offer private classes for individuals who prefer a one-on-one experience or have a specific goal in mind. I will work with you to develop a tailored practice that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Lizzie sat on the yoga mat smiling at the camera in colourful trousers and a white sports bra.
Lizzie in a cross legged seated position, photographed from the back with her arms in prayer position behind her back, looking over her left shoulder
About Section
Lizzie in a low lunge with her hands clasped behind her back and gaze up to the ceiling, with two yoga blocks in the foreground.


Introducing yoga to the workplace is a beautiful way to reduce stress, improve group morale, ease aches and pains and bring a much needed break to busy offices. I will work with you to provide a tailored practice to bring the most benefits to your team and the context of your workplace.

Lizzie in a side plank, balancing on her left hand, right hand reaching to the sky and gaze down to the mat.


I am based in Camberwell, South East London, and am more than happy to travel across the city.

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